Online ClassroomOnline Classroom is an online school called the  Oak National Academy.  There are sections for Teacher and parents or carers and it offers a broad curriculum for years 1 – 10.

For teachers they are offering a webinar on July 6th looking at how the resources may be able to support teachers over the coming year.

This webinar, aimed at school leaders and teachers, will share our curriculum plans for the coming year to help you make the most of Oak, thinking about: what are the ways to use Oak’s curriculum and lessons to balance your school’s in school and home learning? How is Oak’s curriculum structured? When are lessons available? What improvements are planned to Oak’s online classroom?

There’s also an opportunity to ask questions directly to our curriculum experts.

Sign up to the Oak National Academy primary school webinar, hosted by Oak’s curriculum lead David Thomas and primary teacher Tilly Browne on Monday 6 July 2020” (Oak National Academy)

For parents and carers it states that:

Oak offers schools and pupils online lessons and resources for the entire academic year.  Backed by the government, it is a free, optional, resource for any school that wants to use online learning to complement classroom learning. It’s easy to use, with no logins and it works on any device.

Oak National Academy will be here for all of  2020/21 to support pupils who might continue some remote learning.” (Oak National Academy)

The online Classroom also has resources for children with special educational needs. It looks to be a hugely useful resource being shared freely for everyone during the period of the Coronavirus school closures. It will also support schools as things start to return to normal, bearing in mind that not all children will able to return to school as normal.

Online Classroom