Be Internet Legends - parentsBe Internet Legends – Parents is a program developed by Google and Parent Zone. It is designed to aid parents teaching their children at home to keep themselves safe on the Internet. Schools are quite likely to be using some of these resources already but there is a complete section available for parents. It takes the form of a helpful handbook, full of tips and tricks for supporting a child’s digital education. It may be timely to revise some of the online safety issues that children have been learning in school, prior to the Lockdown.

Help your child become a smarter, safer and happier explorer of the online world.

Here, you’ll find lots of simple ways to reinforce the important online safety lessons your child has been learning in school, through Google’s Be Internet Legends programme. Created in partnership with Parent Zone, the programme is empowering families to make the most of the internet by helping them become confident digital citizens.” (Google)

The booklet is split into five sections, each like a short chapter. Each chapter has information for parents and activities to do with children.

  • Be internet Sharp – smart sharing not oversharing
  • Be internet Alert – Knowing what is fake and what is real
  • Be internet secure – Keeping your information safe
  • Be internet kind – Respecting others
  • Be internet Brave – Speaking up

Be internet Legends - parentsEach section is split into subsections; for example, the Be Internet Alert topic splits into three sections called:

  • What is phishing
  • Spotting the fakes
  • Help I’ve fallen for a scam

Each has good examples to help children recognise the meaning

Be Internet Legends – Parents is a useful resource to make sure families are aware of online safety and practise it at home, as it still seems to be quite a while before schools are back to full time practice.