Free Home Literacy PacksFree home literacy packs have been provided by The Literacy Company to help families during Lockdown. As it seems to be carrying on for many children, these resources may be useful for parents attempting to home school, or work whilst their children are at home.

The Literacy Company sells a school writing program called Pathways to writing.  This is a huge, full school literacy program; however, totally separate from that, they are making these age appropriate home learning resource packs free for download.

For each year group we have created a selection of spelling activities along with ten writing activities linked to a variety of engaging themes. Some require pupils to complete their own research to use in their own writing and others use images and video clips to inspire.” (The Literacy Company)

The following resources are available for download:

  • Home learning EYFS
  • Rhymes
  • Spelling and phonics
  • Y1 – Spelling and phonics
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Y2 – Spelling and Phonics
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Y3 – Writing
  • Y3/4 – Spelling
  • Y3 Poetry
  • Y3/4 – Spelling
  • Y4 Writing
  • Y4 Poetry
  • Y5 Writing
  • Y5/6 Spelling
  • Y5 Poetry
  • Y5/6 Spelling
  • Y6 Writing
  • Y6 Poetry

I downloaded the Year 4 writing pack to have a look at it. Although these are free resources, it was a bit worrying as I had to add it to my basket and “Buy” it, at no cost, through PayPal, I had to add my name and address, so I did wonder initially if it was going to be posted out! As soon as I had ‘bought’ it, I was given a download button.  I can only guess that they will try to sell me goods in the future!

The Year 4 booklet has a range of ideas to cover many different types of writing: journal, story, instructions, a recount, a quiz and  non-chronological. It asks children to use fronted adverbials, conjunctions and synonyms.  Whilst some of the activities may not appeal to some children, there is plenty there to help parents think up similar ideas that will appeal to their own children.

These free home literacy packs may be well worth investigating by anyone needing help with the next five week’s home literacy work.