25 Creative Writing Prompts25 Creative Writing Prompts for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two have been created and shared by Kidadl. The prompts are inspiring and could easily be used to start children writing a story, in class, or at home during Lockdown, for as long as that remains in place!

While they may not be in the classroom currently, teaching children the benefits of learning to write creatively is a fantastic way to boost their confidence, and help them develop reading and problem-solving skills. These resources and prompts are aimed to help children come up with new and exciting ideas for stories and to consider all the different elements of storytelling. ” (Kidadl)

The prompts for KS1 include “imagine your favourite toy came to life” and it offers questions for the children to consider in order to prompt their imagination and to get them to think, before they start writing.

Of KS2 they write: ” By allowing kids to select their own books to read away from the classroom, they can figure out which genres and writing styles they enjoy the most. Exposing children to new ideas and techniques through encouraging reading books, will also, in turn, help their writing abilities to blossom.”

The ideas for KS2 are slightly different – instead of drawing on the things around them, such as toys, book characters and places, they focus on imagination, superheroes, mythical creatures, time travel etc., followed by a list of first lines which are inspiring in themselves:

The dark figure began to emerge from the mist. She could see the outline of a human-like figure as it started to get closer…

25 Creative writing prompts could be used by children to write stories for their own homemade tiny books, illustrated and decorated and brought back to school after Lockdown to share with their classmates. It could be a great activity for sharing later.

25 Creative writing prompts