Life cycle of a product

The life cycle of a product is something that rarely comes up in all of the recycling topics covered by children, yet it is a really interesting aspect to think about.

A teacher called Lucy Collingwood has shared a recycling presentation freely on the TES. It is designed for KS2 children and has a lot of activities for use in class. Children could either use it, as intended by working together on an interactive whiteboard, or, if there was a way to give each of them the presentation, they could fill it all in individually.

This particular presentation starts to get children to think about the life cycle of a product. In this case a mobile phone and it offers a slightly different take on the subject!

Technology Student offers a very useful page on this subject where children can follow the life cycle of paper. They will already have an idea of where paper comes from and the fact that they recycle it; therefore, to see and discuss the whole cycle could be interesting.

The second example on this page is a car which provides a simple diagram and is written in 6 easy to follow steps. If children do the second exercise in the presentation, then seeing these product life cycles should help.

Life Cycle of a product