Recycle-moreRecycle-More is a one-stop recycling information website, created by Valpak Limited.  There is a big section of ideas – some new and some old – for schools to consider under the three headings:

  • What can I do?
  • Project Ideas
  • School Activities

What can I do aims to get children to help their families reduce their rubbish by over 50%, much of it by recycling and reusing. I would guess that most families have already done many of the “reduce” ideas, for example using reusable plastic lunch boxes – it has been a very long time since they weren’t used!

I think this section of the site is disappointing in many ways but could be used for interesting discussions! “Donate old computers and audio-visual equipment to charities, community groups or schools” Ask the children if they want a classroom full of old computers! I have a feeling that this section is actually way out of date, but there may be things that can be done.

The Environmental Project Ideas for schools are better and there may be some ideas there that the school council decides they may like to take forward.

Recycle-More offers some Primary Activity sample worksheets that may be useful when doing a project on recycling; however, the actual subject section for the whole curriculum has not yet been developed. It is still “under construction” so worth checking back to, when you are planning a project, where it may be useful.

The actual recycling section of the site gives details about how lots of different household items are recycled, this section may be useful for thinking about what can be done with specific items.

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