Kids Against PlasticKids Against Plastic is a website offering lesson guides and resources that will help teachers embed learning about pollution, caused by plastic, into the  curriculum.  There are already lots of resources on the site, but their easy download packs are marked as “coming soon” so they are clearly not quite ready, just yet.

The site was started by two young girls horrified by what was happening in the oceans. They decided to get “UK supermarkets to stock non-plastic packaged water alternatives on their shelves, and single-use plastic bottles off them. It was a big goal, but we were determined – and still are – that we could and would make it happen. We chose plastic bottles as our target, as they’re practically unnecessary in the UK,” (Kids against Plastic)

The whole site is devoted to fighting plastic pollution. There are things to do to help and lesson guides with many videos that demonstrate the issues being dealt with. There are several sections of the site for children, or schools, to choose from:

  • Plastic Clever schools
  • Be Plastic Clever
  • Pick up 100.000
  • Join Kids Against Plastic,
  • Citizen GIS (Adding a geotag to litter collected)
  • #Packetin (encouraging companies to use environmentally responsible packaging)
  • #NoButts (I thought this was going to be about cigarettes, but it is really no but ifs – getting everyone involved)
  • BPC 60 (Could not work this one out, it is a way of celebrating Blue Peter’s 60th Anniversary)

Kids Against Plastic

Kids Against Plastic has lots to offer classes that are undertaking a recycling, or environment, topic. The blog section is very interesting, it demonstrates ways in which children are making a difference, provides reports on books about the subject and discusses how much litter has been picked up along with the campaigns that the girls are running to aid their cause.