TypingClub freeTypingClub free, or the School Edition, may be a very good resource to use during Lockdown. It could enable everyone, regardless of age, to improve their typing skills. It has both a free and pro version. On sign up, one can choose a free 60-day trial, which may well cover the time at home. After the 60 days you can continue to use the free version – you do not have to pay for it – or you can choose the pro version.

TypingClub offers over 600 lessons, with games, instructional videos and cross-curriculum exercises to develop typing skills. They are challenging, fun and engaging and can be customised to suit needs. Feedback is provided after each section and problem aspects can be practised, over-and-over, until mastered. Students can choose their own favourite font and size and for those who struggle to see black on white, a high contrast version is available. The program can also generate reports for the teacher, if the class is doing it as a school programme.

The story writing facility sounds like fun:

This immersive experience guides students through an animated story while they are typing it. It gives students the sensation of writing a short story and bringing the story to life by typing it, while they work on improving their typing skills.

For a preview, checkout Ava & the RabbitGoing Solo, and our newest addition The Perfect Match.” (TypingClub)

TypingClub free
TypingClub School Edition is recommended for a school to track progress. TypingClub Free could simply be offered to parents as something slightly different to add to the daily mixture of engaging learning at home activities. It will undoubtedly be of lifelong benefit to pupils.