We are delighted to introduce the 123ICT Competitions – COVID-19 Computing at Home Projects for KS1 and KS2 children.

We have created these projects as we felt that – with the necessary suspension of our popular computing competitions, which are usually promoted in our schools during term-time – it would be a good idea if we provided a way of keeping the children’s competitive spirit and interest in computing thriving during the COVID-19 school closure period.


Eligibility and Other Information

Children who are enrolled in schools that have a support contract with 123ICT and are learning at home during the school closure period are eligible to submit entries and compete in the projects.

As online technology forms a significant part of learning at home, we thought that it would be good if Online Safety became the theme for the projects.

The projects do require the children to use particular computing applications; however the chosen technology is freely available online and should be successfully accessed on any computer, or current tablet device.

The projects can be completed and submitted at anytime during the COVID-19 learning at home period; however, the judging will not be undertaken until all schools are fully back to normal.


There are two separate projects, one for KS1 children and one for KS2 children:

Key Stage One. Using an online story maker, or comic strip maker, create a story, or comic strip that promotes online safety. Full details and requirements of the project, including the technology to be used, are provided here.

Key Stage Two. Using Scratch, create a project that promotes online safety. It can be an animation, a game, a story, animated text, or whatever Scratch project the children would like to create that delivers an online safety message. Full details and requirements of the project, are provided here.


Winning Prizes

The winners of each of these projects will be awarded with Amazon vouchers and their schools will win a free 123ICT Pupil Workshop of their choice. We will also provide certificates for the students and schools awarded first, second and third places.


Further Information

Full project details, instructions and guidelines can be found on our website: https://123ict.co.uk/123ict-computing-competitions/covid-19-computing-at-home-projects/  We suggest tha teachers read this information carefully before informing parents and children about the projects and encouraging them to enter.