Google Classroom TutorialAs the school closure period has now been extended into the summer term, we would like to make you aware that our daily CPD webinars are available to support teachers and TAs.

So far, the uptake and feedback for our webinars has been very positive and we experienced another large attendance for this morning’s webinar on video conferencing.

At the moment, our live webinars are for 123ICT supported schools only; however, the recordings will be shared the following day via our publicly available YouTube channel:

As the term progresses, our daily CPD timetable will change to include sessions on the following:

  • Using Google docs – quizzes and forms
  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
  • Communicating using chat and video – Meet / Hangouts / Classroom Stream
  • Advanced Google Classroom, including setting and marking assignments
  • Online Safety CPD – teaching online safety remotely
  • Staff collaboration using Microsoft Teams
  • WordPress training – developing your school website to include home learning content¬† – example