Homeschool ResourcesHomeschool resources are being shared by most of the well known education publishing houses, here are some more free resources for school closures:

DK Stay Home Hub.  DK are offering lots of support for home learning and plenty for adults too! “If you’re finding yourself working remotely, homeschooling with your kids, or teaching your students online rather than in the classroom, DK is here for you.  Every week, we will bring you our very best resources, activities, ideas, and inspiration, to keep you, your children, and your students as curious and connected as ever.  Discover our Home Learning for Kids page, full of downloadable activity packs and resources to help you make home schooling fun. Do you need some inspiration to fill those long days at home? Explore our selection of Home Activities for Adults, featuring our best craft ideas, top tips for gardening and DIY, batch cooking recipes, home yoga and more!” (DK)

Coronavirus: A book for children is a free download to be read on any device. It is a factual, easy read and an illustrated account of what is happening around us at the moment. There are also useful links for more information to be had on the last page.

Oxford University Press are making many resources freely available during the school closure period, shared by home learning/ schooling for Teachers. Some of these at least are available right through to September such as MyMaths, Oxford Owl and more:

Homeschool Resources
These Homeschool Resources are being shared by publishers to help parents inspire learning and to keep children occupied and interested during lockdown. There is no need to try to follow a scheme of work but having useful ideas to draw on can help.