Digital Photography Projects are something to think about doing whilst on lockdown. Most of us have old phones or old digital cameras around our homes. These could be used by children for a project whilst learning a little about photography too! While there will be lots of us who simply point and shoot, there is a lot more which can be learned and none of it is likely to be covered in school!

7 Fun Photography Projects to do with Children offers a set of ideas, several of which could be done at home.

7 Educational Photography Projects for Kids – great ideas that could be done in the house.

Photography for Kids – Activities They Can Do. – great ideas for the younger children.

9 Photography Ideas for Beginners – some great learning information in this post for all ages who are beginner photographers.

52 Photography Projects: a great technique to try every week of the year – I really like some of these and older children may enjoy some of them; however, many involved resources that are unlikely to be laying around the house! Nevertheless, the food mountain is great, as is the fine art food – both are easily doable in the house!

Some of these digital photography projects look interesting and fun; however, not all of them are suitable for children, but some may inspire creativity!  They could be fun as well as fostering a useful artistic skill for adulthood.

Digital Photography Projects