Make Interactive Games with Koji, Make Interactive gamesa free platform that allows users to create amazing interactive games without needing to write any code. Each completed game is allocated a link which users can share with their friends. There are many templates to start users off.

There are templates to make puzzles, trivia games, platform games and 3D worlds. All games can be remixed with friends or family.

For any families that love gaming this is a great resource.

There is an easy-to-follow Getting Started Video that can help you create your first game in about 10 minutes.

There is a whole page devoted to how you can use Koji:

In the midst of preventing and stopping the spread of COVID19, the idea of “Life” and “Work” as we know it are being highly disrupted globally.

Being forced to remain indoors in confined spaces can make coexisting a bit difficult; And although a lot of companies are continuing their day-to-day tasks remotely and facing minimal setbacks, many face-to-face businesses are being forced to pause their operations, leaving a lot of workers without any form of income, and no promise as to if/when they will be able to resume their current roles.

Here at Koji, we know these disruptions have been incredibly unsettling, so we want to share how Koji can be of benefit to everyone during these times.” (Koji)

Make interactive games