Kidadl Lockdown  website informs: Kidadl lockdownWe might be locked down, but we’ve got the key to spending time at home over the next few weeks. There are loads of free activities for the whole family to get involved in, from STEM experiments and kid-friendly workouts to boredom-busting garden games and epic craft projects and everything in between.” (Kidadl)

Gardening, cooking, board games to play, films to watch and more – there are many ideas shared by Kidadl on the website and you can sign up to a newsletter to get more ideas delivered straight to your inbox! Beware the website would like to sell you things – but there is plenty to be had here without having to spend any money at all.

The website can be filtered by age group: under 5s, 5 – 10. 11 – 13 and 14 – 18 but it is the Lockdown section of the site that caught my eye.

I really liked the time capsule idea – this whole coronavirus lockdown event is going to be something children will remember all of their lives. Making a time capsule from the moment with photos and all sorts of current objects will be something very special in years to come!

The locked down ‘to do’ list is a great idea too, everyone has things they would like to do which they never got round to because of lack of time. This activity would be especially good for older children. It ties in with the genius hour idea. If children were really interested in Ancient Egypt for example, their ‘to do’ list may be finding out lots more such as finding videos from the temples etc, watching documentaries and visiting famous online museums to sketch artifacts etc.

Sock puppets can be expanded into a whole theatrical event, write the play ad act it, film it and share it!

Several of the ideas on the Kidal lockdown site are pretty bland – but look through for the gems, there are some there to be had!

Kidadl lockdown