Cooking with children

Cooking with children is a great way to use practical maths, discuss hygiene and have some extra curricular fun together. Helping to prepare the family meal will also be useful for their development. There are lots of extra simple recipes,  some very easy cakes and biscuits could make a dessert. Children would love their own cooking to become part of family dinner!

15 Fun Cooking Activities for Kids is a good start, it has lots of ideas. “Cooking with kids not only is a fun and cheap activity, it’s great for giving them some life-skills, boosting their confidence, and even practicing some fine-motor skills. Even better, helping in the kitchen can entice even the fussiest of eaters to try something new and maybe add a new veg or two to their limited repertoire. Get the kids stuck in with these fun cooking activities for kids.” Jam tarts, mini quiches and flapjack seem to be firm favourites!

The BBC have gathered a list of children’s recipes. Many of these recipes will not be useful as families cannot easily go out and gather products needed but some are useful and fun like the simple iced biscuits, easy meatballs, Spanish Omelette – staples rather than needing special ingredients.

Kidspot has a selection of interesting cooking ideas – a swirly sandwich, jam drop biscuits and a play dough recipe to make their own toys!

Netmums has loads of ideas including pancakes and baked apples, They look good! “Cooking is a fantastic activity to do with your children. Not only does it teach them a whole range of new skills, it gives them an understanding of food and where it comes from too…” (Netmums)

Cooking with children teaches them a life skill – they can’t start too young to learn how to feed the family and all of the skills that entails.