Poetryclass from The Poet Society Poetryclass from The Poet Society is a website full of poems suitable for primary aged children. They are complete with lesson plans and a lot of ideas about how to use the poems in class. The Poet Society is funded by the Arts Council England.

On this site, you’ll find a wide selection of poetry lesson plans and activities covering the whole spectrum of key stages, and exploring many themes and forms of poetry.

Each resource has been created by our team of poet-educators and poetry-passionate teachers; all with extensive experience of encouraging an enthusiasm for poetry in the classroom.”  (Poetry Society)

The site can be filtered by age to get poems suitable for your class and all these resources are free.

There is also a freely available downloadable booklet: The Essential Guide to using poetry in the classroom at Key Stages 1 and 2

School Membership is a great way to bring poetry that is linked to the curriculum into classroom. It is not free but there are different levels of membership all of which include:

  • Quarterly issues of Poetry News.
  • A copy of The Poetry Book for Primary Schools, filled with lesson plans and tips to support teachers using poetry in the classroom.
  • Sets of Poems on The Underground posters, delivered throughout the year.
  • Stickers, pens and other poetry goodies.

Poetryclass from The Poet Society
Poetryclass, from The Poet Society, is a great site to keep in mind for when you want to incorporate poems into your literacy sessions.