Plazoom Teaching ResourcesFree Home Learning Packs are being offered to all by Plazoom.

The following details are taken from an email that arrived today:

Teachers – we know you are facing extraordinarily challenging times at the moment, and we want to help. These specially compiled learning packs for Year 1, Year 2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 are FREE to download, so you can share them with colleagues and parents.

Each pack represents enough literacy work for five mornings, requiring minimal adult support. Answer sheets are included where relevant, and we’ll be adding more packs over the coming weeks.

Thank you, from all of us, for everything you do; and please, look after yourselves, too.” (Plazoom)

It seems that more resources may be made available over the coming weeks and I am sure that parents would be very pleased to access such resources enabling them to help their children without too much preparation or thought. The packs may inspire parents of good ways of working with their children.

There are five items in each pack, providing a week’s worth of literacy.

The Year 1 Pack includes worksheets with simple writing tasks, visual prompts for each teaching and card sorting activities.

The Year 2 Pack includes five Year 2 SATs practice packs with an original model text, comprehension activities, a writing task with word mat and a planning sheet and a presentation.

The Year 3 /4 Pack includes a  Y3/4 spelling word list revision worksheets, a grammar challenge, a reading comprehension based on The Sword in the Stone, an idioms worksheet and a Y3/4 homophones worksheet.

The Year 5/6 Pack includes the Y5/6 spelling revision sheets, a grammar challenge, a reading comprehension based on Robin Hood and the Potter, a trick grammar writing task on adverbials and a year 5/6 homophones worksheet.

So – thanks to Plazoom for offering these Free Home Learning Packs, I am sure many parents will take advantage of the kind offer.


Free Home Learning Packs