Barefoot Data ChampionsBarefoot Data Champions is a set of two new computing lessons from Barefoot. Downloading either of these new lessons gives your school an entry into a prize draw, where the winner gets an assembly visit from sports broadcaster Clare Balding.

The lessons are called Colourful Kits and cover Geography, PE and Computing in a fun way. They are based on looking at and beginning to understand data for 5 – 7 , or 7 – 9 year olds.

We want to help you encourage your pupils to get active and creative through our brand-new resources that explore data with a sports themed twist.

In Colourful Kits, your five to seven year old pupils will start by spotting simple data attributes of colours and patterns in flags and then use these to design colourful kits for athletes from around the world. Combining Geography, PE and Computing in a fun and creative activity, pupils start to learn the basics of data – which is about ‘attributes.’

Through Data Dash, your seven to nine year old pupils will be literally sprinting their way to understanding the data modelling process and the key concepts of data values and calculated data. Mathematical links are strong in this activity, with pupils using tables and solving multi-step measurement problems using time and distance.”(Barefoot Data Champions)

Barefoot Data Champions

If you like Barefoot Data Champions, Barefoot also have a great range of other very useful computing lessons offered freely for all primary age bands.