10 Key Stage 2 French or Spanish Teaching Resources Ten Key Stage Two Languages teaching resources, for either French or Spanish are offered by Crickweb. They are resources are for Primary \ Elementary Schools (ages 8-11) and can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard, PC or Mac. Click here to access the Spanish exercises and here to find the French exercises.

The first resource is basic number recognition, covering numbers 1 – 10 in a matching game.  The second is a drag-and-drop game to give the numbers labels in French. The third activity is colour labelling, the name box turns green when dragged to its right colour. The fourth activity is naming items in a classroom. Vegetable and fruit labelling follow, then transport, a French crossword and Animal labelling.

These Languages resources are simple, limited and fun drag-and-drop activities covering some very basic vocabulary. Ideally, they could be used to introduce the language on an IWB, or maybe set as individual home work after being introduced in school. On each activity there is a Help icon. Clicking on the help icon reveals written words and the translations – both in French and Spanish. One set of help slides covers both sets of activities  but the task below is in French!

10 Key Stage 2 French or Spanish Teaching Resources