Cloud Stop MotionCloud Stop Motion is a free tool offering the opportunity to make stop motion videos in a browser window – no special program is needed, just a video camera!  The program runs on any modern device including phones and tablets. They give free accounts for schools providing 2GB of storage for every student and administration tools for the teacher to look after the children’s accounts.

Making stop-motion animations is a fun, creative way for children to tell a story that they know already, of telling their own stories, or sharing their knowledge about something that they are learning.  Children could start the animation in school and as all of their work is saved to the cloud, they could log on at home to complete their video.

Classroom toys, Lego or clay models could be used to make short videos. (Tip – if using something fairly soft like Plasticine, using cocktail sticks or opened out paper clips helps models to stand and move.)

Work with your animation on a zoomable, scrollable timeline. Add sound effects, music, titles, credits and speech bubbles. Render to an MP4 movie. Extensive library of audio, backgrounds and styles included.”(

The Cloud Stop Motion video tutorial is clear and has so much to offer – school video Easter cards anyone?