Coronavirus Coronavirusis a huge danger to people, especially the young and the old, or people that are already poorly. It is all over the news, television, social media etc at the moment.  BrainPop have created a free resource  to teach children more about it so that they really understand the need to wash their hands, use tissues etc. Even if you do not have a subscription to Brainpop this is definitely worth checking out.

TIM: Ah, nothing like an early morning jog to—

Tim has a coughing fit. He drinks from Moby’s glass of water to help clear his throat.

TIM: Whew.

Moby looks between Tim and the glass of water with disgust. He can’t believe Tim drank from his water glass.

TIM: What?

Moby uses his pencil to push the glass of water toward Tim.

TIM: Oh, stop it.

Moby slides a letter across the table. Tim reaches for the letter. Moby withdraws his hand to avoid touching Tim. Tim frowns, but picks up the letter and reads from it.” ( coronavirus transcript)

The typical Brainpop, Moby and Tim, cartoon explains what a virus is, how the virus can be spread, what it does, etc. It is easy watching and explains that though this strand of coronavirus, like the others, is dangerous, most cases are mild and most people don’t die after catching it. It is a very positive message. To go with the video clip there is a quiz testing children’s knowledge and some suggested activities to do in class.