FrenchFrench Language Games language games that are free and suitable for both school and home use are currently shared by the Digital Dialects website.

The first game – numbers – asks children to begin by learning the words, then play the game. It gives three speeds and informs the reader that:

Fun interactive arithmetic-style French game for memorizing the vocabulary for the numbers in French up to twelve. Begin the French game by learning the words with audio options from the list. Click on the speaker icons to hear spoken French audio. Beginners to French could start this learning exercise with the French numbers: slow French game. The majority of students will find the numbers: intermediate set at an appropriate speed. For those students revising French numbers words that they have already learned, the faster numbers 1-12: advanced French game could be a fun option.”(Digital Dialects)

Once children have mastered this game, it offers more study exercises for counting to 20 followed by more exercises.

The aspects covered by these games are:

  • Numbers 1 – 12
  • Phrases
  • Numbers 13 – 20
  • Colours (The colours games gives children the name of a colour, then they select it on the next screen, see the top right image.)
  • Spelling games (Colours, animals, verbs and vocabulary)
  • Vocabulary
  • Fruit and veg.
  • Animals
  • Vocabulary again
  • Food
  • Phrases again
  • To be and to have
  • Numbers colours and nouns
  • Days and months
  • Clothes
  • Verbs infinitive
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Tell the time
  • Vocabulary builder again

More advanced games use flash so no use on iPads but should be fine on laptops.
The French language games seem perfect for younger children to play either in the classroom, or as homework. Learning French without formal “French lessons”, seems to me to be a great start!

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