Michael Morpurgo MonthFebruary is Michael Morpurgo month and there are lots of events arranged to celebrate his stories planned. Teach Primary has created sixteen free lesson plans to go with the books selected to be the focus of this month long event. The books are gathered under four headings and there will be competitions too.

The Michael Morpurgo page on Facebook seems to be announcing many of the events and competitions planned and it is certainly the easiest place that I can find to keep up with what is happening.


There is also a lot of information and many resources on his website. I love his autobiography written for children in just a few paragraphs: “I was born a really long time ago. 5th October 1943. In St Alban’s in Hertfordshire. My mother was there too, strangely enough, but my father was away at the war, in Baghdad. I had one older brother, Pieter. We both were evacuated to Northumberland when we were little, away from the bombs. After the war it was all change at home, not that I remember much of it….” (Michael Morpurgo)

The 2020 resources are being shared here. There are worksheets, chapters of his new book, etc. to investigate. Here is a sample of the resources:

This February we are celebrating some of Michael Morpurgo’s unforgettable stories, curated into specially chosen themes, Tales of the Sea, Animal Adventures, Times of War and Timeless Tales. The goal is to introduce children to Michael’s books if they are yet to discover them, or help them find another of his stories that they’ll love.”(micaelmorpurgo.com)

On his website there are many free teaching resources from the Michael Morpurgo month 2019 – these are resources to go with his books:


Michael Morpurgo Month