Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020 is coming very soon now!  It is on February the 11th and there are new, fun resources to celebrate!

Andersen Press have teamed up with CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) to create these fantastic resources to help schools use high quality books to discuss online safety, cyber bullying and the dangers of social media. These resources are perfect for Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated globally in February each year.

The resources are based on the series of hilarious cautionary tales for a new generation of young internet-users from the prize-winning partnership of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross:”(Andersen Press)


Chicken Clicking

Chicken Clicking.  This is a set of resources to go with the wonderful story about a chicken who shops and shops and shops – for herself and the whole farm, then goes off to meet a new friend that she made online …

If you do not have a copy of the book here is a video recording of it:


Troll Stinks

Troll StinksBilly Goat and his best friend Cyril are messing about with the farmer’s mobile phone, taking selfies and playing games… until they find the number for a troll. Their Grandpa Gruff says trolls are bad, so Billy and Cyril decide to get their own back by sending mean messages. After all, trolls really do stink! Don’t they?” (Andersen Press)

Here is an online reading of it:



#Goldilocks Everyone loves Goldilocks’ hilarious online videos, but in her quest to get more likes, more laughs and more hits, she tries something a little more daring: stealing porridge #pipinghot, breaking chairs #fun, and using someone else’s bed #sleep. What will Daddy Bear do when he sees that online?” (Andersen Press)

Here is an online flip book of the Hashtag Goldilocks:

Make safer internet day 2020 something special with these freely downloadable resources.

safer internet day 2020