Plazoom Teaching ResourcesPosters  to Support More Effective Writing are being offered freely by the website Plazoom, these give a great introduction to the website and is a deal too good to miss. This very useful set of posters offers synonyms for common words, see below:

Enhance your KS2 classroom displays with this set of 28 posters, each of which shows synonyms for common words, accompanied by an eye-catching image, encouraging children to choose more ambitious vocabulary for their own writing.

The common words covered in this pack, with the ‘instead of… use…’ message, are:
*said (for nine different moods)
*walk (for five different moods)

(The above text in italics was taken from the Plazoom website)

Plazoom offers many free resources but even the ones that are paid for are not very expensive. Their Topical Tuesday selection offers free news stories, taken from The Week Junior for Schools newspaper, every week and creative activities are written by experienced teachers to support the story.

Posters to Support More Effective Writing


The subjects covered by Plazoom include English (mostly comprehension and writing) and science. The resources are presented according to age, lower KS2, upper KS2, years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Their mission statement seems to be:

At Plazoom we want to make teaching great lessons easy, helping busy teachers everywhere to save time while keeping quality high.” (Plazoom)

If you sign up with an email address and join the community you get a newsletter and topical resources straight to your inbox.

The Posters to Support More Effective Writing are well worth collecting and Topical Tuesday is a gift to anyone trying to keep the news and current affairs live in their classroom!