Set upset up recycling at your school recycling at your school with the aid of this website and your local council!

Many local authorities offer their own recycling services to schools. Those that don’t have their own recycling services should be able to put you in touch with organisations who will collect recycling from schools in your area. Contact the recycling department at your local council to find out more.” (

To run a successful recycling scheme you do need to consider whether appropriate vehicles can gain access, where will the recycled materials be stored, how often will you need it to be collected, will it cost and how much and is there a health and safety issue to be looked at?

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is based in Banbury and offers resources to schools to help them start the journey.

A great new range of teaching resources for Key Stages 1 and 2 including films and linked activities which can be used in the classroom, assemblies or during eco-weeks. They all feature the popular characters, Busta and Pong! “ (WRAP)

There are posters, bin stickers and films to help children understand why they should be recycling.

WRAP hosts a library of useful resources: Team Recycling Activities, Fact sheets, Activity Packs for teachers all for KS 1 & 2. The videos cover metal waste, carton waste, paper and cardboard waste, and plastic waste. There is a song for children to learn too.

set up recycling at your school