weather and climateThe Weather and Climate change could well be the primary news story during 2020; it is certainly growing in urgency as a topic to be addressed. Here are some useful websites which may help a project on this subject in school:

Science Sparks – Making science fun for kids, has a great number of small experiments with information sheets to address the issues in very small chunks. This site is easy to read and understand. There are information sheets and experiments to do and there are models to make for each section.

It asks “What is climate change?”  there is a great poster that would be worth printing off for discussion.  See on the right!

Science Sparks also provides the following resources:

Mini Water Cycle Model for children to make, with a very clear picture of the water cycle. This site also offers a worksheet to make a rain gauge so that may be useful for any project involving weather.

Know your greenhouse gases helps children understand their effect on the atmosphere and thus global warming. Again there are simple models to aid understanding.

Melting Polar Ice Caps explains why very small increases in temperature have such a significant effect on the planet.

How do cows contribute to global warming

The 123HUB featured theme for January 2020 also has over 70 great ‘Weather and Climate Change’ available resources

Weather and Climate change is current, even if projects are not specifically covered I am sure the issues will come up every week!

weather and climate