Climate Change LessonsClimate change lessons are offered here for what is set to become a very hot topic in the coming year.

The Science Of Global Warming And Climate Change – An Elementary School Lesson  is from Woo Junior. This free lesson describes climate change and global warming, offering firstly basic definitions and a worksheet to accompany that, followed by a global warming causes worksheet, an effects worksheet which is followed by a solutions worksheet. There are literacy extras such as a vocabulary list, word search and a comprehension exercise – it seems like a very useful framework to build a project on.

The same site offers a Renewable Energy Lesson Plan and worksheets looking at: solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy. An introduction to these different alternative fuels would make an interesting conclusion to any project dealing with climate change.

There are five different worksheets available for free download regarding renewable energy, what it is and why it matters, two quizzes and two crosswords. In addition, the two projects that it suggests are both interesting – create a poster and design a vehicle or building that uses renewable energy.

Climate Change Lessons

This site also has a recycled nature and crafts area that has loads of ideas for recycling every day throw-away scrap into various craft ideas. It may be worth looking through this section with children to see if they can think up even more ideas from the classroom waste.

Climate change lessons could provide a useful structure to base a classroom project on.

The 123HUB featured theme for January 2020 also has over 70 great ‘Weather and Climate Change’ available resources