Snowflake MessagesSnowflake messages may be something different to make instead of the traditional card for Christmas.



Snowdays allows people to make snowflakes, add a message and get a link to send their snowflake message, either to their home, or to someone special and even to many people at the same time by email.


Snowflake messages


There are two modes, polygon mode where pupils could use straight lines to draw shapes, or the straight mode where they draw their own shapes. Either snowflake turns out really lovely, there are no failures!

Snowflake Messages


There is a preview pane which shows what the snowflake looks like at every step. Once the snowflake is complete, add a message and get a link to send it to someone. Snowflakes can be searched for by name and location, just a first name and Oxfordshire will be enough to track it down later. Children can read messages and respond to some of them if they want to.


Snowflake Messages


This site does need Flash, so it is no good on a tablet but is great on a desktop or laptop. Apart from sending a message the snowflakes can be printed out to make decorations.

Here are more sites that allow children to create snowflakes without messages:

A Kids Heart allows children to cut out shapes with the mouse to create their snowflake. Again it needs Flash.

Snowflake Messages This site is different you get to visualise a snowflake in blue on a black background, but you can animate it in 2D or 3D with lovely effect!

Snowflake Messages


Pete Hawke’s Snowflake builder is a little different, it only deals in polygons; however, one’s snowflake (see the red one at the top of this post) can be animated so that is interesting to watch.

Snowflake messages could be an interesting change this Christmas as well as making lovely decorations!