Podcasting with SynthPodcasting with Synth is incredibly easy. It creates podcasts of 256 seconds in length. However, if several children in a class wanted to share Christmas wishes from the school, then several of these short synths could be stitched together, ready to publish to the wider school community.

There is a very useful guide for teachers:  Easy Podcasting for Teachers and Students with Synth, on You Tube, by a man called Sethi.  At its simplest, one can make a 256 second or less audio Christmas wish and then get the link to share. However, anyone feeling brave can add a classroom or school banner, a transcription, a jingle to start it off or more synths to make a longer podcast.  Synths created in this way could be ideal to share in a newsletter; but, if you have a school website, you could embed your Christmas wish! Below you can see my sample synth as a web link – click on it to hear my first podcast:


Apart from a Christmas Greeting to a twinned school or family and friends, Synth could be used to create podcasts related to the curriculum. Every child could choose one fact associated to a topic to share – podcasts of historical projects, for example, could then be shared with parents and they could reply, if willing to do so, telling the children how proud they are of the work, etc.

I logged in with Google, went to my own account and clicked the plus sign, then started recording – followed ‘next’ to give it a title, ‘next’ to add a jingle at the start and ‘next’ to publish it. That gave me the opportunity to get a web link, embed code or add another comment to it.

Podcasting with Synth – a new simple means of sharing information beyond school!

Podcasting with Synth