An Advent Calendar IdeaCreating a kindness, or friendship Advent calendar, as a whole class event, or even using one that is teacher created, is perhaps a nice thing to do at this time of the year.

The idea is shared here but there are several bits that I don’t like, especially those that need money, as we know there are many families that do not need any extra expense!

Numbers three, four, twelve and seventeen are not good but I am sure children would think up many more really good ideas such as: do a good deed, do a classroom task, tidy up at the end of the day, read a poem to your class /mum / dad/ everyone at home etc.

I am sure every class has an advent calendar but this is something slightly different. It could be adapted to any festival too!

If you are looking for a standard advent calendar here are a few links that may help you:

Santa Games has one with a Christmas countdown.

Why Christmas will have one but it is not open yet.

CAFOD has a religious one based on Christianity – it may not be suitable for all classes.

Top Marks has a selection suitable for all ages

If you have an advent calendar idea to share with everyone, please let us know.

An Advent Calendar Idea