Christmas interactive GamesChristmas Interactive games can bring a little extra to the classroom in the approach to the magic and excitement of the Christmas period.  Most of these can be played on tablets, but not all – one or two need Flash so can only be played on laptops.  It can be really useful to have curriculum based games which can be used for some children to work on alone.

Christmas Tree Light Up –  a real puzzle! Make a circuit to light up the whole tree. This is very difficult, a game of logic that will keep some engaged for a long time until they solve it.

Christmas Chain  – shoot Santa’s ball into matching balls on the moving line and make threes to get rid of all the balls before they get to the centre. This is a fairly difficult game beyond the first level, strategy, speed and mouse control are needed.

Christmas Interactive Games

Ordering and Sequencing  This game is designed for 3 – 8 year olds – they need to choose a picture to complete the pattern from the train. Level 1 is a simple pattern, level 3 is sequences. (Tablet friendly)

Christmas Interactive Games

The Gingerbread Man Game has four games based on counting, matching and ordering. Basically, it deals with numbers and words up to ten so for the young. The questions are randomly generated so it can be played over and over. (Tablet friendly)

Symmetry Matching with pictures, shapes and patterns. There are vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry and the games are suitable for 4 – 8 year olds. Again, it is tablet friendly.

Wordsearch contains Christmas words  which you can reverse, or make them horizontal in the settings to make it harder.

 Teddy Numbers is words and numbers up to 15. This is suitable for children 2 – 5 years old.

This set of links is for Christmas Interactive games but there are many other curriculum games that are not related to Christmas which will be shared over the next few weeks.