Halloween worksheets are being shared by Kidsconnect. It is always exciting for children around this time of the year, so harnessing that interest and excitement for some work could be both useful and fun for the children. This is a premium site but there are sample packs about the following:

Having never heard of a Slenderman, I downloaded the sample pack.

Known as a fictional supernatural character created on the internet, Slenderman is described as a thin, strange-looking tall humanoid in a black suit.

I instantly found out that Slenderman is a character that originated from the internet; but, the history of the idea came from Brazilian cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, German woodcuts and Romanian mythology!

The freely downloadable sample worksheets are not usable with children but full of ideas that you may find useful. If you are a member then you can download and edit the worksheets, as you wish to.

Having said all that, the information shared on the site is very useful. Each of the subject areas mentioned has a clearly written history, with facts and historical references laid out very well in a large font suitable for sharing on a whiteboard.

There are as many Halloween worksheets, even if only for ideas, as you could ever want. (Werewolves and Zombies are there too but I hate the thought of introducing them in a primary school!)

Halloween Worksheets