Bookmark AnythingWakelet will allow you to bookmark anything and save it all in one place, make individual topic based collections and share them with your class!

This seems like a very useful resource for teachers who can have a folders for: The Ancient Greeks, Famous Artists, or for anything else they can think of. Put all resources, images, videos, web links, quizzes etc, on topics covered, into individual folders ready to share with the children when needed. Add to any folder at any time and don’t lose track of any useful items that you may like to use in the future.

Save your favorite content from across the web. Articles, videos, blogs, tweets, songs and more – bookmark anything you find online in two clicks.” (Wakelet)

It is also perfectly possible to add instructional videos to the folder of resources. Open a whiteboard, explain how a volcano works and save it as a resource, very quickly and easily in Wakelet itself, as it is linked now with Flipgrid.

See the Richard Byrne video below on how to make instructional videos in Wakelet.


Wakelet also has a browser extension so it is always on your computer, it also has mobile apps so that you never miss anything! Bookmark anything, anywhere you spot it – it does seem to be a very useful, time saving, teacher resource.

Bookmark Anything