Free Lesson plans and pupil resourcesFree Lesson plans and pupil resources are offered by the school magazine The Week – Junior Schools. You have to sign up to get the resources but you do not need to subscribe to the magazine, they are completely free.

I downloaded the free lesson Learn all about Recycling – it is totally cross-curricular, covering the subjects of: English, maths, science, PHSE, D&T  art and music. It has been written for Key Stage 2.

Take a truly cross-curricular approach to teaching the topic of recycling with these fresh ideas to help your pupils understand how recycling works and what impact our rubbish has on environments across the world. This FREE download will help enhance lessons across the curriculum including English, Maths, Geography, PSHE, Science, Art and Music.

  • Investigate prefixes and suffixes using the word recycle as your starting point
  • Nurture exciting writing outcomes including creative, persuasive and instructional writing
  • Carry out a scientific inquiry into packaging – grouping and classifying materials
  • Plus much more...”(The Week Junior Schools)

Another offering: All about Autumn looks perfect for this time of year. This is a pupil resource rather than a lesson plan and is in the form of an information leaflet, mentioning the equinox and the autumn festivals – it is colourful and interesting. The reading level is for KS2 children; however, some younger KS2 or struggling readers may find it a challenge.

The new pupil resources include:

  • All about the Holocaust
  • All about the Titanic
  • All about the Great Fire of London
  • All about Black History Month
  • All about Tutankhamun’s Tomb
  • All about the Amazon Rainforest
  • All about Refugees
  • Mission to the Moon
  • All about D-Day
  • All about The Great Barrier Reef

There are many more on the subjects of science, geography, politics, RE, PHSE and art and media.

There are far fewer free lesson plans at the moment but I guess they will be added to as time goes on. They currently offer the following:

  • Learn all about Recycling
  • Learn all about Antarctica
  • Learn all about VE Day
  • Learn all about Everest
  • Learn all about the Moon Landing
  • Learn about Earthquakes
  • Learn all about Hurricanes
  • Using news reports to learn about Migrants
  • Learn about the First World War
  • Learn all about Space Exploration

These free lesson plans and pupil resources will feed into many topics over the course of the whole curriculum. Why not gather the ones you may be able to use and keep watch for other useful resources that they share?

Free Lesson plans and pupil resources