Studying HockneyStudying Hockney gives children the ideal opportunity to try creating art on a tablet!  David Hockney is a very modern artist and loves creating pictures on his iPad.

TatekidsWho is David Hockney?‘ is an interesting article exploring a few of his paintings and describing his style.

Imitate Modern – 3 interesting facts about the artist.

David Hockney is famous, among other things, for his paintings of water. It is hard to try and capture the movement of water and the splash of someone entering a swimming pool, etc; therefore, it can be fun to look at how he does it and to try it out yourself.

Primary Facts has a set of biographical facts about the artist, placing him in the modern context alongside Andy Warhol and also mentioning which iPad app he uses!

There are a huge number of Hockney’s iPad art prints which can be seen together on a Google search. These are well worth sharing on a whiteboard to look in detail at the lines, brushes, etc, that he has used.


I like this wax resist idea where the water seems to have movement due to the wax breaking up the colours; it would be very easy to replicate in the classroom.

MollyDolly7 shared a medium-term plan based on David Hockney in the TES

MTP for Year 5/6. Children will study the life and work of David Hockney, and then focus on his use of colour and technique in his landscape paintings. Children will try these techniques for themselves in various ways, eventually producing their own landscape painting in the style of the artist. There are also opportunities for self and peer evaluation. I have used some existing ppts for the bio and work descriptions. Hope it helps!” (MollyDolly7 – TES)

Studying Hockney brings the whole idea of art, often seen as historical, right up to the modern day with the use of modern technology! It has to be worth squeezing in somewhere.

Studying Hockney