Studying Piet MondrianStudying Piet Mondrian is probably best started at Tate Kids: “Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognisable such as people, objects or landscapes. Instead artists use colours, shapes and textures to achieve their effect.” (Tate Kids)

There is a very useful Slideshare presentation incorporating a small amount of biography with his paintings. This is useful for all ages.

Art Edu 4 kids concentrates, in its first section, on lines and primary colours types of paintings and starts a project to create one in the same style. In the next project, It moves on to blending colours for a stained-glass sunset effect. The images it shares at the bottom of the page shows how cubism relates to realistic pictures, useful!

Primary Facts gives us 10 Piet Mondrian Facts and a mini  biography.

Making Art Fun gives us a biography, some lesson ideas and a worksheet. There is also an option to print off his biography, if that would be useful.

ArtsyCraftsyMom shared 10 projects for studying Piet Mondrian which she has either collected, or developed:

When things get too stressful or we feel overwhelmed with everything that’s going on around us, a common piece of advice we get is to cut out all the unnecessary stuff and strip down to the bare essentials. This process takes us to the core of our lives, and gives us a renewed look at our priorities. And that is exactly the spirit with which Dutch artist Piet Mondrian painted his artwork that consisted basically of lines and primary colors.” (ArtsyCraftsyMom)

The projects covered by ArtsyCraftsyMom are:

  1. Mondrian Lego Art “The geometric nature and primary colors of Mondrian’s art lends itself perfectly to Lego bricks! Mama Miss comes up with this ingenious idea and creates some simple printables for the same. Just download them, gather your bricks and go!”
  2. Pattern Sticks Craft sticks are a great way to create custom Mondrian patterns. Use them to make some grid art.
  3. Mondrian Art Lesson – paper plates, black tape and tissue paper in primary colours!
  4. Sun catcher Art for Kids – a stained glass window effect with painted cellophane.
  5. Foil Art, foil and felt pens!
  6. Masking Tape Art – tapes in different colours, or colouring it!
  7. Mini Sharpie Painting – tiny canvases and easels
  8. Mister Orange – a book to read
  9. Mondrian-inspired Mason Jars – decorating glass jars as gifts.
  10. Mondrian Toy – download the net to make a cube Mondrian styled toy.

Studying Piet Mondrian