Studying Paul Klee will give many a budding but very young artist hope! Many of his works are positively childlike Studying Paul Kleeand certainly many children will enjoy looking at his work and also trying his ideas out.

Art Projects for Kids has four ideas to use in school. There is a “How to draw like Paul Klee” tutorial based on his “Arrival of the bridegroom.” This project really does give weight to Kee’s quote: “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” A template to create an image like Klee is provided, if required. The other three projects are: Paul Klee Castle Drawing, Color Study, Paul Klee Style, and Paul Klee City on Acetate.

Primary Facts gives us a partial biography, enough to join the dots!

Making Art Fun has a slightly fuller biography and shares a couple of his paintings with three lesson resources too.

The David Zwirner website has fifteen of his pictures which can be increased by clicking on them in the survey section as well as photos of him.

Kettlebabes shares a presentation to show examples of Klee’s work through the TES. This would be a good introduction to his work for any class.

Paul Klee – 3 Simple Lessons is a project shared through the TES by JoscelynH with lots of higher order questioning and practical art activities. There are three free complete lesson plans here to download.

Teaching Cave shares KS1 ideas for studying Paul Klee focusing on shape!

ArtsyCraftsyMum shared 10 Paul Klee Art Projects for Kids:

Paul Klee is quite different from most famous artists. While other artists were often single minded about their art from the start, Klee grew up learning music. He was very good at it too, but rebelled to learn art during his teens. Even then he wasn’t too confident, saying that he “probably never would learn to paint” and that “a long struggle lies in store for me in this field of color”. But nevertheless, he decided to study about color, eventually becoming an expert. He was also unique in the sense that he didn’t subscribe to any particular kind of art, experimenting and practicing all kinds instead. Let’s learn more about his colorful personality through these Paul Klee art projects for kids to make, play and learn!” (ArtsyCraftsyMum)

Projects provided are:

  1. Castle Collage The Castle and the Sun is one of Paul Klee’s most iconic works of art. It’s a mix of colors and geometric shapes like squares, triangles and diamond shapes along with a huge circle for the sun. Children can make a collage using a mix of watercolor paper, magazines and scrap paper for a lovely effect.
  2. Head of a Man Oil Pastel Art
  3. Color Theory on Book Pages – a great project if you have an old book that is falling apart and can give the children one or more pages each!
  4. The Cat and the Bird “Paul Klee adored cats and his own pets were often models for his art work!”
  5. Tissue Paper Self Portrait – Using Klee’s geometric shapes and bright colors with tissue paper.
  6. Paul Klee Diagram – allowing a dot to go for a walk.
  7. Paint Chip City Collage
  8. Cat and Bird Collage
  9. Coloring Pages – including Paul Klee’s work. Download and print them off if you need them.
  10. Geometric Fish – The most famous among his fish paintings are Fish Magic and the Goldfish, which show fish against a dark background, this project is an attempt to re-create that sort of image.

Studying Paul Klee