Andy WarholStudying Andy Warhol starts with the Warhol Museum which offers a whole set of lessons for school aged pupils that explore his life, artistic practice and legacy. There is a lot of material available here including how to critique a piece of art. There are lots of questions for children to discuss about his work, his techniques, etc. This is a brilliant aid for anyone studying Warhol.


Arty Craftsy Mom has ten great studying Andy Warhol projects for children:

  • Printable Soup Can Labels
  • Warhol and the Queen
  • Flowers Print Art
  • Andy Warhol Paper Toy
  • DIY Andy Warhol Costume
  • Warhol Art Project
  • Uncle Andy’s
  • Warhol’s Cat
  • Self-Portrait Marker Art
  • Foam Tray Printing

KinderArt has a project on Pop Art Portraits for younger children

Scholastic has a similar project aimed at older pupils.

Andy Warhol Activity: Hands in Silhouette, using brightly coloured paper as a background

Teaching Ideas has some Playing with Colour ideas based on Warhol’s work.

There are also a mass of Andy Warhol free templates to get younger children started on the Internet.

The TES makes a couple of unit plans available see: Andy Warhol Unit Plan by Fairy Kitty ” 6 great lesson plans which perfectly cover this unit. Particularly helpful questions to engage children and provoke meaningful discussions. Some good tips to give to children while they are producing their work. ” (TES) Also: A scheme of work and Presentation from Guilz.

I really like this short project from Crayola, it is a way of incorporating both facts about Warhol and work in the style of!

Studying Andy Warhol