Famous ArtistsThe Cool Kid Facts website has a detailed and illustrated section about famous artists that teachers may find really useful.

Have you ever heard of Picasso, Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci? What about Renoir and Caravaggio? Maybe, maybe not? Well, one thing all of these names have in common is that they are all famous artists. Let’s explore some facts about these historical figures! We are going to look at the following artists.”(Cool KId Facts)

The site has factual information and in some cases fascinating facts on each artist split into simple sections such as

  • What was he famous for
  • What was his childhood like/ family life
  • What were his interests
  • Friends / peers
  • Painting style


The artists that this site looks at are:

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Renoir
  • Michelangelo
  • Rembrandt
  • Salvador Dali
  • Claude Monet
  • Francisco de Goya
  • Caravaggio
  • Vincent Van Gogh

The site shows a few of the painters’ most interesting or well-known paintings but is short on information about the painters’ styles and techniques. It is however an interesting starting point for thinking about famous artists. This set of artists is from way back, it is setting the scene for famous artists but there are many more up to date artists whose work children are more likely to have encountered.  There are no activities linked with this site.