The 123ICT website team have been busy creating three more great, affordable websites that have delighted customers. The first two were school websites for Combe Primary School and St Nicholas’ Primary school in Old Marston. Please click on the links below to view these two new sites.


Our third undertaking was to create a new website for the Abingdon Learning Trust. This site is not one of our normal school websites but nonetheless, we carried out the work with our usual ‘can-do’ attitude and professionalism that is greatly appreciated by our customers. The Trust is absolutely thrilled with the site and, as you can see by clicking on the link below, it has provided us with the opportunity to illustrate our ability to also satisfy the different online requirements of a Multi-Academy Trust.



Fully responsive websites that look great on all devices!

As many people use portable devices to visit websites these days, it is very important to us that the vital information on our school websites is clear and easy to access, regardless of the viewing screen size. Rest assured that 123ICT school websites are fully responsive and remain looking good, no matter what device is being used to view them.

Why should you choose 123ICT for your new school website?


123ICT school websites are …


  • 123ICT computing consultants work in over 100 schools alongside teaching staff so we understand your needs.
  • 123 School Websites are designed specifically for primary schools in the UK.
  • Our clean design prioritises clear delivery of information over flashy effects.



  • 123 School Websites are easy to use and our helpdesk provides excellent support all year round.
  • Editing the website is just like using any text editor and there is no coding required.
  • Images and documents can be added by dragging them from your desktop.



  • As an ed-tech company we are always up to date with DfE and Ofsted requirements.
  • Our menu structure is designed to help school inspectors find information quickly and easily.
  • An audit of required documents is part of our build process to ensure your site is fully compliant.


Further Information

For more information about 123ICT school websites and what they could do for your school, academy or trust, visit: