CloudConvert is a Google app which can convert a great many formats to other formats! It is easy to use, and part of your Google Drive. Both the input and output files can be taken from and put into the Google Drive or Dropbox so are easily accessible after conversion.

In schools I can see this being very useful where students have made recordings, either audio or video, or created pictures on their mobile devices and you wish to pull them altogether in a website, video compilation or similar. Several recordings, videos, drawings, etc may need to be converted to a format that the video editor uses.

CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 200 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. Check the supported formats for more details.” (CloudConvert)

You don’t need to add new software to any computer to use it, it comes as an OS app and can be used on the website. The conversion is done in the cloud and the files are deleted once the conversion is finished. Conversion is quick, even for larger files.

On the free plan you can do 25 minutes of conversion time each day, more than that and you need to join one of the plans. On average, a conversion takes one minute so it is possible to do up to 25 conversions each day – most teachers would not use anything like that much just needing it for occasional use. Visit the website, choose the file to convert, the format you want it to be, click start conversion and it will go into your Google drive in the new format.

CloudConvert Link CloudConvert to your Google Drive so that it can put documents there once they are converted. Sign in to CloudConvert with your Google Account.  Choose the file to be converted and select Start Conversion, then see the converted file in your Google Drive.

See the completed conversion in your Google Drive.





It is a very useful free to use app.