Keeping safe online over the summer is a post in response to an e-mail circulated Keeping safe online over the summerby CEOP whose Think U Know site provides the key UK advice for parents, schools, carers etc o keeping children safe on the Internet.

CEOP have chosen five articles to share with parents, ideally in the last school newsletter so that they are easily available to parents and carers when they need the information!

Help keep parents engaged with their child’s online activities over the summer holidays by sharing the following articles on your social media or in your end-of-year newsletter” from the CEOP newsletter.

The five articles chosen are:

  1. Gaming: what parents and carers need to know most children these days play at least the occasional game online, so virtually live there! This articles looks as how gamers can be exploited by offenders but with a key focus on what parents can do to support their gamer.
  2. Sharing pictures of your child online without the child’s permission! This article focuses on helping parents keep the child safe.
  3. Keeping your under 5s safe online little ones use the internet, talk to Alexa and more. There are huge advantages in using digital resources but there is guidance on how to help keep them safe.
  4. Live streaming: responding to the risks Live streaming is an up and coming craze, many children love doing it already. This articles helps parents recognise the risks and support their children in doing it safely.
  5. Using parental controls along with support and careful guidance should seriously cut the risk of children running into trouble whilst online.” (CEOP)


The Parent Info section of the site, where there is advice and information for parents on all website related issues, is well worth reading.

Parent Info, a collaboration between NCA-CEOP and Parent Zone, is free and its content can be embedded in your website in three easy steps.” (CEOP)

Keeping safe online over the summer would be a really useful newsletter addition.

Keeping safe online over the summer