Animation in the ClassroomAnimation in the Classroom – Developing skills in animation is a website shared by Education Scotland.

“​This resource has been designed to help practitioners teach animation skills. It can be used to plan an animation project in the classroom or playroom. Each section explains simple approaches to creating a short animated film.

Model animation or stop motion animation is a learning activity that engages learners of all ages and abilities and can be used across curriculum areas.” (Animation in the Classroom)

The site offers several downloads:

  • Animation in the classroom
  • Introduction to animation
  • Tips for creating your story or idea
  • Production and filming
  • Post production after you have filmed your animation

This resource has been designed for teachers to use as a planning aid for an animation project in the classroom or/and as a printable teaching PDF resource. Each section will explain simple approaches to creating a short animated film.

This introductory section focuses on the basics of animation including tips and tricks for model making. However, you may want to look at the examples section to see the kinds of projects that have been made by students and teachers.” (Animation in the Classroom)

Animation in the classroom

Counting in French

Many animation examples are available at the bottom of the webpage.

The School Run share three easy animation in the classroom activities, with descriptions for:

  • Create coloured paper movies
  • Try making a playdough movie
  • Become your own animated movie

Followed by a set of Free Animation Resources for Kids.