Animation Planning ResourcesThe following animation planning resources are shared on the TES resources website. These are a great helping hand when thinking about planning for an animation making topic:

David Murcott shares a 6 week project plan:

This is a 6 week plan introducing students to stop frame animation.
Children will create their own stop motion animation films by the end of the 6 weeks.

These lessons introduce pupils to early film making techniques and how animation films are made today with a focus on Morph and Aardman Studios.

Watch clips or short films of these characters in motion. These films will inspire the students work. They will plan with story boards and scripts and then animate their own films using modelling clay.

You will need an animation film app on your class ipads.
I recommend Stop Frame Studios (the best), Animate It and Animator Free. There are lots of animation apps available for you to try.”(David Murcott)

This is a  brilliant resource and completely free. This could be adapted to suit almost any subject area. David has used the healthy versus junk food idea obviously linking to a science project but forces, magnetism, electricity and probably many more science topics could be great animations. I can imagine a decimals or fractions on a seesaw animation for maths, magic e or silent letters animations to help in spelling, small scenes of history, ten seconds of Viking battle etc. The ways animation could be used are endless.

Clickschool shares a Stop Motion Animation: Lesson PowerPoint, Plan and Basic Guide to Monkey Jam, this is for a half-day animation session:

PowerPoint which could be used to develop lessons in stop motion animation – covers four phases: research, preparation, production, publication. Gets students thinking about what makes a good stop motion animation. Includes links to interesting videos featuring those that work in the industry.

Monkey Jam is free stop motion animation software. Included is a one-page guide to using the program. Web cam required!”(Clickschool)

Animation Planning Recourses