The Literacy Shed Great AnimationsThe Literacy Shed, Great Animations section would be a good site to introduce the theme of animation to a classroom carrying out a project on the topic.  There is a whole set of animations, with free downloadable lesson plans; or, if preferred, discussion points and follow-up tasks. The activities with these  are all designed  to improve literacy in some way but there is also lots of interesting discussion to be had about animation, They may well inspire creative works, or at least give children ideas before they try to create their own.

Don’t Go looks as though a fun mixture of film and animation has been used to make the video.   The cat footage certainly looks real to me – I can’t believe that is animation but the pink figure is definitely animation. There is an interesting discussion about how to combine the two media here!

The Happy Ducking 2D and 3D Folding Pop-Up Books. There are all sorts of animation things to talk about as well as a complex story in this one! The way it has been created may well give pupils ideas of how to achieve some of the movements required.

The Book of Butterflies This is a pure and simple animation which is a great demonstration of how part of the scene can stay the same and other bits get moved – great music representing the butterflies too!

Ceri’s Game is a complete animation which could perhaps be used for Year 6; however, the ‘Heart Attack’ section may worry younger children but the tasks to go with it could make great animations.

The Rocketeer is a superhero animation – it is interesting and may inspire creation!

The Shadow of Blue. Personally I am not sure that I would use this one as there is so much I don’t like in it – but – the tasks and discussion follow-up suggestions are very good. I think to do this one could be very demanding and would require lots of work and discussion. Nevertheless, if the class were working on a topic covering disability, then it would be excellent.

The Literacy Shed Great Animations are literacy tasks but the animations used within them would make a really good contribution to any animation project.

The Literacy Shed Great Animations