Once Upon a Picture, or Images to Inspire, is the creation of Sam: sam@onceuponapicture.co.uk. It is the most amazing set of inspirational images, I just love it and can imagine using it endlessly! The discussion and writing  prompts are wonderful, the images are fantastic, making it is such a useful resource.

Since I started teaching, I have observed and preached the benefits of using pictures in the classroom. They are immediate; they stimulate the imagination and promote creativity. Children who often ‘sit back’ are able and willing to contribute. They learn that their opinions matter.

As the blog has grown, teachers have let me know how they are using it in the classroom. Images and questions can be used to stimulate discussion and develop vocabulary, as a prompt for creative writing, a reading comprehension activity (with a mix of literal, inference, deduction and prediction questions), or as a starting point for a wider curriculum lesson. Some teachers have set an image and questions for homework, while others have organised whole-school writing competitions based on a picture.

Once Upon A Picture is, unashamedly, a passion project. I spend a lot of time looking at illustrations, digital art and animation. I have ‘pinned’ thousands of pictures and spent hours searching for writing prompts. I have an unhealthy love of picture books. It was a natural step to start a blog sharing the best.” (https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/about/)

Once upon a picture


The images have been put into the following useful collections:

  • The Character Collection,
  • The Fiction Collection,
  • The Inference Collection,
  • The Prediction Collection,
  • The PHSE collection,
  • The Thinking Collection

There is also a Challenge Book which sets two pictures against each other and children have to make decisions about them to answer the questions.

In addition, there are clearly ran competitions which run at various times – one can read the results of Melvin, the sad.. ish  robot winners now!

All in all, Once Upon a Picture is a great site that is well worth looking at!