comparison charts

Canva’s comparison charts, or as Canva calls them t-charts, could be really useful for displaying information in the classroom.

T-charts are a category of Canva’s templates and, like all of their templates, incredibly easy to use! “T-Charts are used to compare two facets of a given topic. You can use it to compare pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages or facts and opinions. With Canva, you can choose from our library of professionally created templates without the need to hire a graphic designer.” (quote from an email from Canva)

The starting instructions provided are:

  • Choose a template
  • Add photos or upload your own
  • Replace the existing text
  • Download and print your design

That easy!!

Canva’s example comparison charts are great for ideas:

Comparison Charts

Comparison Charts

Comparison Charts

I can easily imagine them being used in so many situations as well as the examples given below:

  • Sparta / Athens
  • Egyptians / Romans
  • Vikings / Romans
  • Plants / Animals
  • Hot countries / cold countries
  • French (Spanish) words and meanings
  • Water mammals / land mammals
  • Good behaviours / bad behaviours
  • Places
  • Stories
  • Schools in different countries
  • Celebrations – festival comparisons
  • Opposites

As they are all so easily editable they can be customised for any situation and any striking classroom display item. T-charts could also be used to create blank comparison charts for children to complete in pairs, or small groups, with two children finding similarities between two places for example, and another two finding the differences, research and collaboration in one! T-charts are a great way to inspire presenting information in a slightly different way.

There are also some great templates for graphs and charts at Venngage Graph Maker, some of these resources are free for students, so years 5 & 6 may be able to make use of them, sadly it is a paid for service for teachers.

Another very useful site, this time for bar charts is Visme. is a cloud-based graphic creator tool. The website offers a huge range of templates for presentations, infographics, videos, and much more, there is a certain amount of it that is free but not everything!