Refugee Week 2019Refugee Week 2019 is 17 – 23 June. Children in UK schools are getting more and more used to hearing news broadcasters talking about refugees, especially those being rescued from the channel and those in Calais trying to enter this country by jumping on to lorries as they board ferries. There are more and more refugees in the country; many children will have encountered them and do not really know what their lives are all about. It is something that could be discussed as part of school news, citizenship and current affairs.

The British Red Cross has produced a new Refugee week 2019 teaching resource pack:

  • Three videos about real refugees and their stories
  • Creative activities exploring how pupils feel about the issues
  • Background information and supporting materials
  • Seven sections supporting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development


The variety of primary activities will help 7-11-year-olds explore:

  The long history of people moving to different countries
  Why people may choose or need to leave their homes
  The opportunities and challenges refugees may face
  Shared dreams and experiences of refugees throughout the generations

You and your class will discover the stories of young refugees and learn how connections and kindness can make an important difference.” (British Red Cross)

The Refugee Week 2019 pack includes:

  1. You, me and all that we are – thinking about who refugees are and what makes them refugees,
  2. Different stories, shared humanity – migration, forced migration
  3. Dreams without borders – watch a video and think about barriers preventing one to achieve their dream
  4. Connecting across the ages  – a quiz about migration
  5. Building brighter futures – thinking about child refugees arriving in a strange country
  6. Reflecting on the theme – thinking about how to help by making refugees welcome in the local community
  7. Simple Acts – thinking about how to carry on learning about refugees and how to help them settle.

Refugee week 2019