Free online mindfulness resources are being made available for your school!  Mindfulness in primary schools is becoming a normal and usual part of the school day. 

For many children, especially those who struggle to concentrate as they are full of energy -maybe nervous energy – mindfulness education can be helpful. It is a known fact that some children find a classroom situation quite difficult to cope with. SATs and a packed curriculum with more and more expectations on children’s achievement have made the primary school a place of stress for some children. A recent study found that children as young as six are suffering from stress. Gathering new ideas and seeing what is on offer to help with such a situation is always interesting!


Class Dojo

“Free online mindfulness resources for your school  “Mindfulness has been life-changing for me and I only wish I had been taught it when I was young” 

Jonny Benjamin MBE – award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger

Class Dojo is offering free resources for Primary schools to help their students to improve their mental wellbeing

Mindfulness can help students across their school-life, for example to:
– Stay calm when they take exams
– Focus in lessons from Maths to Music
– Even help to swim a length of a pool

NB: Mindfulness is also especially effective in calming hyper-active children or those with such diagnoses such as Asperger’s” (Class Dojo)

The above information was sent to me this morning from EduKit about Class Dojo’s free online mindfulness resources. Free online resources have to be worth looking at – especially in such a new aspect of primary school work. Sadly, I can’t send for it to have a good look at the resources, but it is something someone may find beneficial to obtain and explore. To register and claim your free resources – fill in the form here.


Teachit Primary

Teachit Primary also offers a free mIndfulness resource. For registered free members and subscribers there is a downloadable PDF file: Tips for well being by Jenny Mosley.